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Woody Treasures

Woody Treasures Pop-up Bus

Woody Treasures Pop-up Bus

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✔ HOURS OF FUN PLAY - The animal bus baby pop up toy, and the included 4 pop up animals, will give your children endless hours of fun and spark their imagination!
✔ EDUCATIONAL AND ENTERTAINING - The Animal bus pop up pals toy was specifically developed to provide an entertaining way to have endless fun while improving fine motor skills, teaching basic physics with hands on action, stimulates reasoning and creativity, and provides fantastic continuous motion to give kids the kind of important play that educates-- while they have a blast!
✔ DEVELOPS MOTOR SKILLS - Baby development toys - The importance of helping children develop motor skills-- especially in a world where so many toys fail the test of being "more than just fun" cannot be overstated. This Wooden toy by Woody Treasures are specifically designed to help your child develop while they play!
✔ BUILT TO LAST - We like to say that our pop up baby toys are "the opposite of junk". A sturdy toys built well, built to last-- out of the highest grade materials and suitable for both home and school use!
✔ ABSOLUTELY NO ASSEMBLY REQUIRED - Comes fully assembled, ready for play straight out of the box!

Providing wooden toys for teaching kids at home, even at a young age, is essential to their mental development. However, despite a child’s innate curiosity and eagerness to learn, it can be a challenge to maintain their focus and attention. With enough patience and the right educational toys or tools, homeschooling or regular learning sessions with your child can be a breeze. Something as simple as telling the time shouldn’t be that much of a struggle to teach.

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